Press & media

The Guardian by Bee Wilson, June 19 2017

Belly Over Mind by Ankit, April 28 2017

South China Morning Post by Amrit Dhillon, April 2016

The Cookbook Junkies by Jenny Hartin, Mar 2016

Le Monde by Julien Bouissou with Nimisha Jaiswal, Mar 2016

NPR (National Public Radio) by Priti Salian, Feb 2016

Lokmat by Sonali Navangul, Feb 2016

Discover (Features by WordPress) by Krista Stevens, Feb 2016

Hindustan Times by Soma Das, Jan 2016

The Economic Times  by Vikram Doctor, Jan 2016

Margaret Atwood tweets Jan 2016

94.3 Radio One India. Air date: Dec 17, 2015 by Antoine Lewis, 2015

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